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Welcome to Darlington Stitch and Create’s new home on the internet.

Message from our Chairman -Welcome to our new website. I am the present chairman Julia Goudge. Many of our members have held the post over the years as we have shared the work involved in running activities. It isn’t just Embroidery. We are interested in all types of textile work.  You do not have to be a Master to join us. If you think that you are at master, journeyman or apprentice level you will be welcomed. Even those who no longer sew but enjoy the talks are welcome to join our group. Of course community is the biggest advantage to joining a branch. We hope to welcome you at Elm Ridge Methodist church hall in the coming months.

We have a person to person meeting for our AGM this September. As a new group we have had many decisions to face and new ground to cover. This has not held us back. We are planning to continue meeting as we used to on the first Saturday of the month at Elm Ridge Methodist Church Hall. We are also looking forward to our first exhibition at Head of Steam coming soon.

The Fletcher Award is one of our competitions and all members of the group are eligible to enter. The work has had to be done in the last year and can be from a kit. This also took place at our meeting. It was won by an exquisite Kingfisher in a goldwork technique and this was created by Sandra Whiston. It was as a result of an online course run by The Royal School of Needlework and it was designed by Becky Hogg.

Other inspiration for some of the pieces – Stitch Magazine No. 98 ‘The Embroidered Garden’ by Kazuko Aoki; Tiny Treasures Blackwork by Liz Almond; Flamingo Toes blog and The Northern Echo.

The following information on up and coming programme dates. All are first Saturday as previously arranged.

September 4th  Sew Colourful    Beryl Frank
October 2nd    Annual General Meeting of Darlington        
               Stitch and Create.
               Talk by Helen Winthorpe Kendrick.    
               Bridging the Gap
November 6th   From Paint to Thread.  Lesley Wood
December 4th   Friends of the Stockton & Darlington 
               Railway. Countdown to the Bicentenary

Work from the recent workshop with Kate Slaughter of Kate’s Kloths or as a result of inspiration from the workshop.

Our Aims

We aim to  promote embroidery and related crafts to everyone and as a group we collect, preserve, document, interpret and make embroidery accessible to all, through exhibiting, showing examples and being visible in our community. 

Our 5 attributes – suggested by our members

1. We are a friendly and caring group and our meetings have a relaxed atmosphere.

2. We have fun and are given the opportunity to experiment and learn at morning workshops.

3. We reach out and share with our local community and beyond.

4. Our members pass on skills by encouraging others and sharing expertise.

5. We are always learning something new from each other and expert speakers.

We are a friendly bunch who meet regularly on the first Saturday of every month (not August) at Elm Ridge Methodist Church Hall. The meeting proper is from 2.00 pm. We suggest that you get there a little sooner so that you can sign in, have a cup of tea and and meet other members.

Darlington News

If you are looking for inspiration or for something to do, why not visit the Darlington for Culture website for ideas. There are plenty of arts activities and opportunities available online, with some in-person events taking place too. Visit the DfC website http://www.darlingtonforculture.org/ and Instagram, Twitter and Facebook accounts to find out more. 

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