Past Programme Snippets

Some of the speakers and activities that we have had the last few years.

The question of protection of copyright in terms of online presentation is
being raised and I am finding that there are differing attitudes to this
issue.  It is not a case of 'one size fits all'.
In one case I have been required to sign a contract on behalf of all our
members where it is stated that the recording of the presentation is not
permitted and that all material is copyright to the artist.  No screen
shots or recordings should be taken, including for private use.

This is in contrast to Nikki who makes the point that so much of her work
is available online in one form or another that access is readily

Thirteen of our members enjoyed two half day workshops with Nikki Parmenter. We were shown two different methods of working and fun was had by all. Above are some of the results – more to come I am sure.