Other information from our members

Travelling Books

We have four travelling books being circulated amongst our members at the moment. They are ‘Monochrome’, ‘Anything Goes’, ‘Just One Stitch’ and ‘Fabric Postcards’ They could continue to move around. If you have one and are ready to pass it on, then either liaise with a friend or let me know and I will organise to collect it from you. If you are interested in having one please let me know and I will aim to get it to you.

I have photographed the one I have and uploaded it in Word. The link is below.

Judith has gone over to the dark side, her words, and made the two quilts below during lock down, so we thought that we would share them with everyone. Lovely work. Well done Judith.

Judith has completed these quilts during lock down. She says, ‘The garden one (above) is
to go in the garden room we are having built in February – somewhere
warm to sit and sew in inclement weather. It has embroidered bees,
ladybugs, worm, spider and web, dragonfly, etc.  The owl quilt (below) has
been posted for Christmas to our granddaughter Thea, born in July in
California so we haven’t met her yet. Nor have any of her other
relatives, so it is something of a training aid in who she is related
to. Covid era babies probably think the only adults in the world are
Mummy and Daddy!! ‘
Thank you for sharing Judith

Acknowledgement for the Garden Room quilt. Designed by Theresa Eisinger and available as a digital pattern from Quilting Daily.